Joe has been cutting hair for my family for at least 15 years and I can't say enough about how good he is! Joewill stop at nothing short of perfect, and even when he's helping other customers with their styling, he never fails to stop by to make sure the assistants are doing your hair right, using the proper technique for a dye, and correctly blow drying or straightening the finished look. My mom never stops getting compliments about her hairstyles--which is why she won't ever change stylists or go elsewhere! We've referred plenty of family friends and even more acquaintances on the street or in stores to Salon 401, and every single one of them has said positive things about their haircuts afterwards.
I also had my hair teased, curled, and accented with a tiara (by Heather) for my high school senior prom, and it was absolutely beautiful! What's more, I streaked my hair purple and red last summer and got endless compliments on that too! We asked Joe to never retire so he can keep cutting hair for our family and many others for generations to come!

Evelyn K.,